Get to Know: Mr. Kapustka

Get to Know: Mr. Kapustka

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Mr. Kapustka is one of the Irving World Language teachers. He has been working as a world language teacher for four years. He loves the spanish language, geography, and the culture of his classroom. He says his biggest accomplishment was living and studying abroad in South America.


A Glance Into Mr. Kapustka’s Travels


Mr. Kapustka’s favorite places in South America are Argentina and Iguazu Falls. Mr. Kapustka loves to visit places, too. He has been to Tahiti and the Bahamas for his honeymoon. He snorkeled, cruised, and went on a zipline. He says, “It was so much fun!”

A Little Bit About His Career


The first sentence he has ever learned in Spanish was, “No Entiendo,” meaning, “Do not understand.” Other than English and Spanish, Mr. Kapustka also wishes to learn Italian. His dream job, other than teaching of course, would be adventure photography, which he is quite good at. If he had three wishes, they would be used on retiring, traveling with his wife and dog, and when he sees something he wants for his camera, he can snap a finger and get it.

Personal Life


Mr. Kapustka has a dog. He can do many tricks. These include “sit, stay, come, spin, high five, and down, which means to lay down. He says, “The best part of having him is seeing his personality, development, taking him on adventures outside. It makes me so happy to see him. He is a very energetic Siberian Husky.” Fun fact, his dog caught a Barracuda, a sea lion later ate the fish.


His wife is also very special to him. She is really funny, and she can do most of the things Mr. Kapustka can’t. They are opposite of each other. She loves nature and is very adventurous. She is also great at cooking and is fairly quiet.


I’d like to say that Mr. Kapustka is a great world language teacher. He loves traveling, the Spanish language, his dog and his wife. It’s great to have him here in the Irving Middle School community.