Keeping Irving Clean


Irving is a huge school, and it’s hard to keep all of this clean. With over 800 students and 300 staff members, keeping the school extremely clean is nearly impossible.

The easiest part of cleaning the school, according to one of our wonderful custodians Annie Bolender, is mopping the halls; but the hardest part is only one person cleaning the entire school.

Annie is asking the students of Irving to “stop destroying bathrooms.” She said she’s seen cuss words written on the walls and had to report it to administration.  We’ve all seen the messes in the bathrooms.

The most difficult area of Irving to keep clean is the cafeteria. With only a few custodial staff, we need to be doing our part to keep our wonderful school clean.

So to the students and staff of Irving, please try your best to clean up after yourselves and your messes. Here are a few things you can do to clean up Irving:

  • Clean up your WHOLE area at lunch – including the floor.
  • Throw your paper towels in the trash in the bathrooms.
  • Don’t throw your likes, trash, etc. on the floor in the hallways.