Getting to Know Mrs. Kluck-Spann

Getting to Know Mrs. Kluck-Spann

Sample Student, News Editor

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.24.02 PMMrs. Kluck-Spann loves working with kids and she admires her job. She lives with her husband, Herb, and her 3 kids. Our vice principal was born in Lincoln but raised on a farm in Columbus, Nebraska. On the farm she loved helping her dad outside, but did NOT like riding horses. She loves to read, has a grand imagination, and she played basketball in high school. Ms. Kluck-Spann has been a vice principal for four years and has also been an administrator for four years also. “My mission is to live each day inspiring others to believe they have the power to live their dreams.”

Her dream as a young person was to be a journalist or a photographer. Her favorite subject in school were language arts and social studies, but she did not like math. She wanted to be a vet but you had to be good at math, so plans changed. She then became a counselor and still supports kids when they need it. Ms. Kluck-Spann loves kids and working with them. Her mom was a teacher, but she didn’t want to be one like her. Everyday when our vice-principal gets to work she loves to see the kids, standing by door one & two, greeting everyone.

Middle school can be tough, but here are some words of wisdom from our Vice Principal, “Hang in there everyone is feeling the same way. It can be challenging sometimes but support one another.”

Ms. Kluck-Spann’s family is awesome, super supportive, enjoyable to be around and goofy-soccer fans. Some of her hobbies outside of school are running, baking, spending time outside, and hanging out with friends or family. Her biggest accomplishment was earning 2 masters degrees after she had kids.

“Everyday when I see Mrs Kluck-Spann she has a smile on her face and is always motivated. She helps me when I need it and coaches me through hard times. She is the best Vice Principal I have ever had. We are so privileged to have her here at Irving.” – Ivy Jorges

Ms. Kluck-Spann with Muna Muda.

The Irving Ambassadors are students nominated by staff that have leadership, talent, and connect with others and represent Irving Middle School in positive ways. The Ambassadors program is over 40 seventh and eighth graders to help new students feel comfortable at Irving. They do trainings on how to be a leader and a positive bystander. You can be an Irving Ambassador by making positive choices. Staff are always looking! The goal for the Ambassadors is to help students feel Irving is a positive place and make them feel like who they are.