Irving Staff Pacer


Mrs. Hoefs

As a way to boost the result of the annual Tom Rutz Memorial Food Drive, some of our wonderful staff and faculty members of Irving ran the pacer! Admission for the event was 5 cans of food, and the turn out was amazing! Thank you to all of the Aardvarks who attended and to the staff who ran! 

The winner of the pacer was Ms. Eastman while Mr. Headley and Mr. Shanahan tied for 2nd. Towards the end of the pacer, the students began chanting, “Ms. Eastman! Ms. Eastman!” Our wonderful teachers who participated were Mr. Hand, Mrs. Rischling, Mrs. Strader, Mr. Jung, Mrs. Kroenke, Mr. Faulkner, Ms. Eastman, Senora Stanley, Mrs. Granger, Mrs. Kluck-Spann, Mr. Headley, Mr. Hoffman, and Mr. Shanahan

With everyone who came and watched the pacer, we collected 220 cans of food for the Food Bank. Thank you so much Irving and keep up the good work!

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