The Aardvark Store

The Aardvark Store

What is the Aardvark store?


The Aardvark store is a quaint, but great shop inside room 180H, next to the main entrance. It has smaller items, such as candy, and larger items like shirts, and little knick-knacks that are bought with likes. Prices vary from 1 like for small candies to 50 likes for shirts.


What are likes and how do I get them?


Likes are currencies used in the Aardvark Store for various items, they can be earned by the teacher handing out likes for many reasons ranging from being quiet in class, to winning large classroom activities/events.


Can we donate to the Aardvark Store?


The Aardvark Store runs off of donations from teachers, staff, parents, and students. Everything we sell has been bought, then given to the Aardvark Store. Since we depend on that, we would love more donations to keep stock of more popular items, like candy, soda, and shirts! If you decide to donate, you can just drop in right before, or right after the final bell on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays when we are open. Then, we will the donation and put into and sold in the store! (items must be in brand new to good condition)


With all these items, the store has had a lot of sales and with that, a tsunami of student likes comes in! Many likes cannot be spent by themselves, and so that is why there are a lot of lovely workers to help you spend them! 


What does the Aardvark Store currently have?


The Aardvark Store has items being constantly replaced or bought. Foods and drinks that we usually have are sodas, chips, water, juices, candy, poptarts and fresh popped popcorn. We have different supplies, like pencils, whiteboards for our lockers, and sharpeners. The Aardvark store also has various shirts, socks, and beanies. For the rest of our items, come check out the store!


Any big events/sales with the Aardvark Store will be recorded here…