Wild Bird Review


Wild Bird is about a troubled young girl named Wren. After getting into drugs and alcohol, Wren’s parents send her off to a Wilderness Rehabilitation Facility. Pretty much, she has to survive in the desert. She is so mad, but she learns to make connections with other people. Wild Bird is Wren’s story. 


A couple things I like about this book is that it transitions from Wren before the camp and during the camp. This really gives you some perspective on Wren’s story. When Wendelin Van Draanen, author of Wild Bird does this, it really confuses you, and makes you realize that not all main characters are great people, and you don’t always have to side with them just because your reading from their point of view. One thing I don’t like so much about Wild Bird, is that it’s a little unrealistic. Wren’s time at the camp is very short considering her condition. 


Out of five stars I give this book a four and a half. Considering everything that Wedelin Van Draanen fits into this book, the way it’s written, and how you can follow along and really feel Wren’s story it’s an amazing book. It’s just a little unrealistic, so that’s Wedelin lost that half star. Overall I think this book was rightfully nominated as a Golden Sower, and should be read by all Irving Students.

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