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LOCAL NEWS 2/26/20

On the 23rd or last week there was a major house fire on whitewater lane.  After about twenty minutes the fire was out.  It was said that when the fire team got to the house it was fully engulfed in flames.  The two houses next to it suffered a couple thousand dollars in damage and no one was injured except for one firefighter which they have not determined the cause of yet.


California officials just announced that they have ordered a new fleet of helicopters that can fight fires at night.  The fleet of the   7-70i Firehawks cost about 300 million dollars.  The helicopters are also equipped with night vision and spotlights.  And they also tagged on a which for insurance that everyone would be safe.

WORLD NEWS 2/26/20

When it comes to military power America is the number 1 in the world.  The U.S added a new aircraft carrier to their Navy today.  Its name is the U.S.S Gerald R. Ford.  It was just renovated and the renovation costs cost about 13 billion dollars.  It has also been equipped with some of the newest war fighting units in the world.  The military says it is the latest and greatest in military technology.


Officials report that American citizens being flown back from China are being sent to camp Ashland.  Camp Ashland is approximately 44 mins from Lincoln.  All citizens are flown in to Omaha and then they are driven to camp Ashland where they are quarantined and then are looked at for the Coronavirus.  The minimum that patients are kept at the camp is 14 days.  After the 14 days, they are released and watched by officials.  The director of health Dr. Nancy Messonnier stated that Lincoln citizens are not at risk of being infected.


Well the 54 forth super bowl was an amazing game this weekend with the chiefs coming out on top.  The scores were

49ers 20 – 31 Kansas city chiefs

The halftime show was performed by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.  And also at the start of the game The National Anthem was sung by Demi Lovato.  Over all, this was a monumental game because the Chiefs have only ever won 1 Super Bowl.  So for you Kansas City Chief fans, this was a big game.


Trump was acquitted of abuse of power, and obstruction of congress charges.  Reportedly he won the senate over and there was an astounding amount of votes in his favor.  We still have President Trump.

LOCAL NEWS 1/29/20

Here’s some news for you Village Inn lovers.  Village Inn’s holding company declared bankruptcy this past Monday.  They have announced that they are closing fifty-three restaurants in the U.S.  But there is some good news.  Only one location is closing in Nebraska, and that is a location in Omaha that is on 44th and Dodge streets.  All the other four locations in Lincoln are reportedly not at risk of closure.


Today there was a fire at a twenty five story residential building in Los Angeles.  The fire was reported at about 8:30 to emergency services.  The fire was fully put out by about 10:00 this morning.  The victims of the fire were two people hospitalized and six more that suffered from smoke inhalation.  The biggest patient was a three month old infant that was put as in critical condition at a nearby hospital.  Once the fire was out authorities deemed the fire as a suspicious scene.  This means that this may have been an arson attack.

WORLD NEWS 1/29/20

Syrian forces with the help of the Russians captured a strategic town held by rebels.  The Syrians have been in a nine year civil war and Russia wants to help.  Their air support helped win the battle by bombing strategic positions and then they managed to capture the strategic position and win the battle.

LOCAL NEWS 1/22/20 –

There was an ironic twist on a burglary today at the Westbrook apartment complex.  Two burglars robbed a teenager’s apartment, and when she got back she looked out the window and what did she see?  She saw the male burglar on the ground.  He had slipped and apparently broken his leg.  Later the police caught them at Lincoln Hospital where they arrested the male’s accomplice and now have the male under lockdown.


In South Florida today temperatures dropped into the mid thirties and forties.  The national weather service told locals to watch for falling iguanas, which apparently when exposed to cold climates go into shock.  So if you are in South Florida your forecast today is a chance of falling iguanas.

WORLD NEWS 1/22/20 –

As the situation in Iran Escalates, the Pentagon has declared that they will dispatch more missile defense systems to Iran.  This happened after Iran launched eleven ICBM’S in response to the drone strike that killed their general,  Qassem Soleimani. Qassem Soleimani was also Iran’s top leading general.