New Things

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Sometimes, it’s hard to find something to do when you’re bored. Your go to is always some sort of online screening platform such as Netflix or Youtube to name a couple. Now, while some of us like watching TV 24/7, it’s not healthy. We’ve all been hearing that since the third grade, but it’s true.

I recommend making a list of as many things (realistically) that you want to be able to do by the time you get out of high school. This list could include being able to work in the kitchen, knit, follow a Bob Ross tutorial and actually do well, or anything active and productive like that. Narrow it down to two or three, and plan a time where you can try one of those out and slowly, maybe practice the skill one day a week and slowly you’ll get better.

You can increase the amount of days you practice the skill until you are decently good at it. This will also minimize your time on screens by giving you a new thing you can practice, or do when your bored!