Creative Crafts

Sometimes, doing a craft is the perfect solution to everything. Here are some fun ideas of crafts that use everyday objects to create masterpieces, and are super easy.

Customized Pencil Holder:

You will need:

1 mason/glass jar

Paint of any chosen color (you can have more than one)

Ribbon, string, washy tape (optional)

Paint the inside of the mason jar the color that you chose, and add designs with your other colors if you chose more than one color. The reason why you paint the inside is because it’s smooth, and easier to paint. It will also keep the shiny glass finish on the outside. If you have other supplies, you can tie the ribbon around the jar, add washy tape designs to your heart’s desire.

Do you have a younger sibling with a birthday coming up? Or maybe your birthday’s coming up. Either way, this craft is perfect for a birthday party!

Customized T-Shirts:

You will need:

Blank white t-shirts (buy as many as you have guests)

Fabric Markers (sharpies are an alternative)

Stencils (optional)

Spread out the t-shirt until there are few to no creases. Then tape it down on a surface that wont be damaged by painters tape or masking tape. If you are using a stencil, place it where you want it to go, and then tape it to the shirt. Color in the space with fabric markers until it’s the way you want it to be.

Homemade Stencils:

You will need:

A printed image (preferably an easy design, NOT a picture)

Xacto knife or scissors


Print the image that you want stenciled onto your craft. Take scissors or an xacto knife and cut around it carefully until there is a hole shaped like the image where the image used to be. (You should have cut the image out) Then place it where you want it to go, and draw in the space. There you go! An easy way to get the design you want, where you want.

Hope this gave you some fun craft ideas, or you tried them out. Tell us in the comments if you like these crafts, or if you have your own crafts that you would like us to publish an article about!