No Sports or Clubs First Quarter?! ( UPDATE!!)


The Huskers started a trend of starting back up and so will Irving Sports!

For right now the only sport we will be doing is Girl’s 7th and 8th grade Basketball! Practices start Monday, October 19th. Usually they have enough girls to have an A, B, and C team so they will still need as many people they can! One more thing. Instead of having like 8th A, and 7th A, instead we will have both grades combined. Which means there will only be 1 A team, 1 B team, and 1 C team.  Are you excited to play?  Comment below!

NO SPORTS?! NO CLUBS!? The school received a email form the district about intramural sports stating, “The district decision was made yesterday that middle schools will not have intramural’s for the first quarter.” With this decision made, I am now asking if this will also include after school clubs. My intuition says it will. I will communicate about clubs when I receive an answer. For now clubs are not going on 1st quarter including circle of friends and student council. People in those clubs will have to wait to see if next quarter they will continue. Same for sports.