Chris Montgomery

These are people protesting!

Not even COVID will stop us from protesting. There have been too many African Americans dying or getting shot by police for no reason. Protesters around the world are calling for a police reform and an end to systemic racism. Several cities have reported violence against reporters and protesters, and many have imposed curfews and boarded up business following accounts of looting. On may 25th, Floyd, A black man died after Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for close to nine minutes. The next day protest began and spread across the nation, In reaction to the protest governors and mayors around the country have set curfews.

These photos were taken June 11th 2020, heading North by South point

June 1st, on a Monday, peaceful protesters were cleared out of a park in Washington, D.C., with tear gas and rubber bullets so President Donald Trump could have his picture taken in front of a church. Protest in Hong Kong have been ongoing since June 2019, the protest started as a rallying cry against a new law that would try Hong Kong residents in Mainland China, but became a prodemocracy movement. In Portland protest were taking place, as they have more than 90 consecutive nights against racial injustice and police brutality.