The Teachers Fight Through Covid-19


With Covid-19, all of the teachers have it hard. But the teachers are fighting through it. Even with having to wear a face covering and having to put sanitizer on and distance. But the 6th grade teachers are having good results.

I have interviewed Mrs. Poore and Mrs. Kroenke, both 6th grade teachers. I had asked them how teaching new kids in middle school while Covid-19 is going on was. They had both gave a positive answers. Mrs. Poore had said that her students handle face coverings and cleaning well. Mrs. Kroenke responded with saying that her students are awesome and that her students are nice, forgiving, and patient. With that it encourages her to try new things even hard. The teachers also suggested that the students need to remember their stuff and bring their charged Chrome books. As a student myself, forgetting my stuff makes class harder. Not just for me but for the teachers.