Making The Best of It


             I have sat down with three different teachers from each grade and asked how they feel about schools still having in class learning during this world wide pandemic. I have interviewed with Mrs. Weddington, Mrs. Coleman and Mr. Lefler to see their thoughts on the matter.


             When asking Mrs. Weddington about keeping the in-school learning, she gave me very delightful answers. “I am very happy that Lincoln has figured it out and I am very happy that the community has adapted to this change in a positive way.” One quote really got my attention when asking her about students coming back to in school learning. “Students need that social interaction they get from friends and teachers; And especially that motivation to do work.” What an amazing quote from Mrs. Weddington.


After interviewing with Mrs. Weddington, I headed over to over seventh-grade Health teacher Mrs. Coleman’s interview. When asking what she thinks about kids coming back to school in person, she said, “We should have everybody in school unless you have a medical condition. It is scary, but we can’t be going around being scared. If we are scared this situation could get worse.” Great answers from the 7th grade Health teacher.

             Last but not least, the eighth grade World History teacher Mr. Lefler. One of my favorite answers that he had said was when I asked him about having students return to school in person. “I feel like that students should fully return if they are comfortable being at school, but when they start to get anxious and nervous, that is when they need to go back to remote learning.” When you hear answers like that you know the teachers really care. 

After interviewing with each of the teachers from each of the grades at Irving Middle School, iI’ve learned that the school environment here is very friendly and caring when it comes to making kids feel comfortable in school during a pandemic.