Meaning Behind Popular Music

Meaning Behind Popular Music

There are 100’s of new and popular songs coming out day by day, and we are the judges of whether it is good or not. We all have different types of styles and music choices. Some people don’t even have favorite songs. 

8th Grader,  Joey Hayes- “I don’t even have a favorite song, I just listen to whatever”.  A lot of classmates said something similar.

Many of these songs have meaning behind these lyrics. Like the song, “My Future” by Billie Ellish: it means for her “translated to gothic pop that examined the nature of teen idols of death, and complex, modern love. Her music is often described as dark, but it’s not because she’s sad. Rather, it’s that she is unafraid to explore those corners of  her psyche.” But what it most likely means to us is what our future is gonna be like, or what these days are like going through and the struggles we are going through.

8th Grader, Mosselle Granados – “ I think it means be happy now  because you’ll be sad later that’s what I get from the title, but I rather be sad now and be happy later though”.

But it means something else to the artist.  To Drake it is about the high-life Drake lives and a relationship, hoping to live in the moment and deal with pain and troubles later. There are lots of other people in the world that think it means something else’s than what Drake or Mosselle thinks.     

We all like music. It does not matter if it means you’re making it or anything. Like I said, we have different styles, types, and themes of songs we like to listen to. Some like Pop, Hip-hop, Jazz, 80’s-90’s, Rock, and many more.  (Make sure to take  the survey below.)


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