Mountaineer Viridiana Álvarez Chávez Breaks Guinness World Record

Kanchenjunga – Third highest mountain in the world.

Mountaineer Viridiana Alvarez Chavez breaks Guinness world record for the fastest ascent of the top three highest mountains with supplementary oxygen (female) in only one year and 364 days. She was 36 taking the title from Go Mi-Sun of South Korea, whose ascent to the three highest mountains was achieved in two years and two days in 2007. Chavez started with Everest going down the list to K2, then Kanchenjunga. Chavez was also the first Latin American to climb K2. 

Chavez said to CNN, that “the mind is everything” while on the climb of K2 she saw another climber fall. She waited between five and seven minutes, then continued up the mountain even though she saw that scary site. Her story is a story about the power of passion. Her next goal is to climb the top twelve mountains and be the first North American to do so. She has five of the mountains down, just seven more to go.