Having Trouble Sleeping? Then You Might Have Insomnia

     Have you had consistent trouble sleeping, staying asleep, or not feeling well rested in the morning? Then you might have insomnia. Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder that causes someone to have recurring problems falling and staying asleep. Nearly 60 million Americans struggle from insomnia every year and around 75 percent of them recover. Among our 8th graders here at lrving 32 out of 44 of them interviewed struggled with some form of insomnia.

     The best way you can prevent insomnia is by keeping a regular sleep schedule. Other ways to prevent insomnia is by staying active, avoiding naps as well as limiting caffeine. You should also try not to be on your phone at night, because the blue light emitting from your phone can cause your brain to think that it’s daylight causing you to have a harder time sleeping.