Dog Saves a Family of Four

A great dane is responsible for saving a family of four. On early Tuesday morning, an Alabama family was fast asleep, when Ralph (the family dog) started barking. Derek Walker said, “Ralph doesn’t usually make a sound at night” and that Ralph made “different kind of bark.” When Derek went downstairs, he saw that a fire had started from the grill and it was spreading to the house. He quickly yelled, “fire” waking up his wife.

She quickly got up and got her daughter out of the house. She went back in to get her son, who was still fast asleep. She got him out of there, Then Walker went back in to get Ralf and the two pigs the family has. Ralf made it out and one of the pigs got out too, the other one died. Lucky no one was hurt, but all the valuables of the family are gone. Walker said, “without Ralph, I don’t think we would have made it.″ The family is happy to be alive and is thankful for there friend.

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