Racism!? Why?!

There was a video going around of police brutality towards another young African American man. This man was mauled and brutally beaten by two white police officers, and even tried to tell them that he couldn’t breathe. This man was a passenger on a Lyft vehicle that was pulled over for a broken tail light. If that was the reason why they were pulled over, why did it lead to this man getting brutally beaten by two police men and he wasn’t even the driver? He was mauled in front of his significant other and kids. The white cop claimed that the man bit him, so he then proceeded to punch him in the head while he was already laying on the ground helpless. Why are these type of things happening to my people, people that look like me who are discriminated against daily and we are just so tired of this.

My name is Anna, and I am an African American. To see my people getting brutally beaten and killed like this affects me in so many ways. In our school, we have some young African Americans, but we are all a danger to the world right? We all have darker skin, but y’all treat it like it’s a weapon. We are so different from this world, but we are still discriminated against and we have been around for such a long time that it is crazy that there are still racist people in the world. This problem is also happening to many different minorities. You guys need to recognize that racism and police brutality is still a thing in 2020 and that is just so sad and embarrassing. Racism is going on and we have a choice to help the problem, not be a part of it!