Mrs. Whitney and Her ER History

Mrs. Whitney wanted experience with everything, adults and children. So she started working in the ER. She worked 12 hours shifts and for the first 3 years she worked the night shift and had to the hours 7pm- 7am. The position she had in the ER was a registered nurse. She kept on mentioning that when she was in the ER it was in a small town. So because it was a small town, she said, ” Since the town was so small, they only had like ten beds for people

to stay the night in”.  There is a lot that happens in the emergency room and all different place you could work. Since again the to

wn is so small, she worked in between in the emergency room when needed and people who stayed over night.

One of her more intense experiences is that she had to do CPR on someone and had to call life flight. A life flight is when a helicopter comes to lift you and take you to the nearest hospital. What that means is that is that she also has saved lives.

She was also in the ER for five years and has been a nurse for 12 years. Fun fact: sh

e also still stays in contact with people that she used to work with and patients. She built relationships off of the time that is one of the patients stayed over night for weeks at a time and take care of them they start to build a relationship.

One of her funny stories is that since it was a small town and there was days that people didn’t even come in, her and her co-workers had just gotten a mortised cart that they push patients on. Well of course they had to see how fast it would go so her and her co-workers ride on the carts up and down the hallways.  That is most of it with Mrs. Whitney and her ER History. Thank you have nice day.