Nebraska’s Restrictions Get a New Look

COVID-19 Dial -

COVID-19 Dial –

On September 13th, Governor Pete Ricketts decided to release COVID-19 restrictions loose. Stated by the DHHS (Nebraska Department of  Health and Human Service) that the state is going into Phase 4 re-opening, except for Lancaster County.

This means that wearing masks and social distancing will not be as enforced. KETV 7 and WOWT 6 News have reported that zoos, stadiums, and fairgrounds will open 100%, while things such as libraries and movie theaters will go up to 75%. But those aren’t the only places that are getting a changed of rules. Bars, Restaurants, Child care Facilities (Daycare), Churches, Gyms, Salons, and Tattoo Parlors are going to be opened soon. It has also been reported that big events will have to be approved by health officials before hosting them and that the capacity of outdoor ones are 100% and indoor is 75% . The DHHS still recommends to distance from other people, and wash hands and to stay home if you feel any symptoms.