College Education Should Be Free


Photo taken from Wikipedia under creative common license

If they were to change the prices for education this would impact everyone, as people will be able to afford it much easier. The cost of college is rising faster than inflation in the U.S. Many students around the world fast financial constraints when attending college. Education is such a vital part of life, there are many reason why college should be free. One reason why education should be free is because when more people have access to a college education, the number of employable people for high-skilled jobs increases. Also when students are not worried about money they can focus on their studies, and even when they have loans financial aid, they may find themselves stuck worrying about how they will pay them back in the future.

Another reason is giving everyone access to higher education not only would help individuals succeed and contribute to society, but also would produce a better-qualified workforce for the evolving economy. A major reason why college should be free is simply because the price of attending has gotten so high. Also poorer students and families aren’t going to college because they can’t afford it. The government should pay for college education because it would help a lot of people and help reduce staggering amount of student debt in the country. With the help of the government, anyone could thrive in a career!


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