Why Masks Are Important

As a lot of you can tell, we have had to wear masks when going in public or being closer than 6 feet to someone else. I’ve seen most people wearing masks but a lot of the people I see wearing them cover their mouths and not their noses, or they just cover their chin and leave their mouth AND nose exposed. In my opinion, this is not doing anything because you are more likely to get Covid-19 through your nose than your mouth. When you inhale the virus through your mouth, you are mostly just swallowing it.  The risk is still very high, but it is less than if you inhaled it through your nose. This is because when you breathe through your nose it doesn’t go to your stomach, all of it goes to your lungs and spreads throughout your body, therefore producing a higher risk of contracting the virus.

Masks greatly reduce the risk of getting Covid-19 and other flu-like diseases. Tests have been done that prove how well masks reduce the risk and even which masks are better to wear. Medical grade N95 masks work the best, followed by surgical masks, polypropylene masks, and 2-layer cotton masks. With the N95 masks you can cough right next to someone and very, very little (if none) water droplets carrying the virus will get through the masks, greatly reducing the risk of infection. Also, you can’t just not wear a mask because you think you’re not infected, you can have the virus well before you even show any symptoms, by the time you show symptoms you may have infected many of people.

Studies show that around 44% of the American population wears their masks under their nose, some of this may be due to current president Donald J. Trump saying that 99% of Covid cases are harmless. Some think that even if you get it you can live, but if you do get it even if you recover you can still have long-term effects such as psychological problems, muscle weakness, and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

A lot of people say that it’s fine if only 1% of the American population get’s the virus but even if only one percent of the population that’s still 3,283,000 people. That makes 203.546 people hospitalized, and 203.546 people dead, with most of the rest having some of the long-term effects as listed earlier, and the rest recovering and being fine. So even with just 1% of the U.S population having Covid-19, that’s still a lot of people and it’s also just wrong to have to need more bodies in order to believe something’s a big deal. People shouldn’t have to die just because some people aren’t believing how bad the Coronavirus really is.