School During COVID-19 [RESULTS]


With the start of the 2020-21 school year, a lot of student’s are worried about going to school with a worldwide pandemic. There are many reasons why students should go back to school, but there are also some reasons why students should stay home and do remote learning. Here are the results to this survey that was posted on September 4 (responses are no longer being counted).


Out of the 49 responses to the survey, 59% of the responses are from 6th graders, 22% in 7th grade, and 18% were in 8th grade.
88% of responses were from in school students, 12% were remote school students.
Of the 88% of in school students, 67% do NOT like wearing masks in school, 20% do like wearing masks in school, and the other 12% where remote school students.
88% of students think masks DO help slowing the spread of COVID-19, 4% think masks do NOT help, and 8% think masks somewhat help.
Of the 88% of in school students, 76% are actually ok with going to school, the others would like to be home, but their parents are making them do in school learning.
Of the 12% of remote school students, only 6% actually like doing school online, with the other 6% wanting to go to school, but their parents wont let them.
35% of people think the Coronavirus is a big deal, but they are young, and healthy, and will be fine.
25% saying its somewhat of a problem but they will be fine.
12% saying it is a huge problem, and nobody should be going to school.
10% saying it is not that big of a deal, its over-hyped by the news media.
14% saying just “it’s a big deal”
The other 4% gave another answer not listed.
85% of people think Lincoln Public Schools is taking this pandemic seriously.
43% of people think it is important that children attend school as this is how kids interact with their friends, 45% Somewhat Agree, 10% Disagree, 2% Somewhat Disagree.
32% of people think COVID-19 cases will rise significantly over the next couple weeks due to school being open, 32% do not think cases will rise significantly, and 36% are either undecided or maybe.