Public Freak Out Gone Racist?

Photo via Flickr under Creative Commons licenses

Photo via Flickr under Creative Commons licenses

Why is wearing a mask such a burden? Does it kill you once you put it on? I really don’t understand some people. Having a racist meltdown because you are asked to wear a mask in public is so crazy. Some people act like my baby sister, and that’s just utterly ignorant. There are so many examples of people having public freak outs when asked to wear a mask. One incident that happened was in a Toronto mall. A male Toronto resident, that is still nameless at this point, had a total freak out because he was asked by one of the mall employees to wear a mask. What is the issue? This man used a lot of profanity and anti-muslim remarks, which is so pathetic when used in a public place to reference to someone who cares about other people’s safety.

Wearing a mask in that mall was most likely just a store policy, but I don’t see a problem in wearing masks. I don’t think I should quote this man only because there is a lot of profanity used in his sentence. He then uses a medical condition of some sort as a reason on how he can’t wear a mask. It’s always the medical conditions with these Karens, Kevin, and Kyles. I know that there could possibly be medical conditions put there that may prevent you from wearing a mask, but people use that as a fake excuse all the time to the point where it’s not even believable.

The female employee who politely asked him to wear a mask, was clearly Middle Eastern which made him automatically assume she was Muslim. I will quote few things this ignorant man said but without profanity, “I go to her country and save them from shooting each other and she comes here thinking she controls stuff.” He started to identify himself as a veteran as if that was gonna gain him more respect after the scene he has caused. One other things he said, was said to criticize the Muslim practice in faith, he says “praying five times a day” as he scoffs at her.

He also uses irate responses when he is called out for being racist, he says, “you don’t even know what racism is. That’s not racism, that’s reality.” This man is totally disgusting and did all of this all over a MASK. I am utterly appalled thats he would act like a child, but the ones who use racist remarks. Wear a mask in public, it’s just common sense during this time. It won’t kill you to save others of high risk of any illness especially COVID-19!!