Growing Up and Adapting

growing up 
By iconsphere

growing up By iconsphere

We are on our final year of middle school we are going to have to face on high school. Now the last 2 years have been wild, mainly 7th. But now we are in 8th grade having to work harder and harder and we will be moving onto 9th, and that would be a whole new world for us. For example, we will have have more assignments and everything will get harder and more stressful. This year is kinda hard having to deal with school but also to keep ourselves safe and healthy at the same time. The future is a mystery thats what we will look forward to.
If life gets worse and worse, we will have to adapt like the humans we are. We are growing up and soon we will be adults and have to deal with life.

Graduation Cap By Darin S, DC