Breonna Taylor: Case Unjustified


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Protest for Breonna Taylor Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility CCL

Reported and stated on Sep 23, the Breonna Taylor case finally made a decision by the Jefferson County Jury. With no body cam or any other digital evidence of what truly happened on March 13. Quoted from Whas11 abc, summing it up saying “The investigation resulted in charges against one officer, but those charges had nothing to do with Taylor’s death” The 15,000 charge against the officer was for the damage of an nearby apartment.


In other news of police officers protruding into Breonna Taylor’s home. There was evidence or witness of seeing police bang at the door. While on the other side where Taylor and Kenneth Walker were standing, they heard a bang too but didn’t know what it was. Getting no reply, police officers knocked the door down and this was considered an “No-Knock” warrant.  So in conclusion , a wall got justice first instead of Breonna Taylor.