Racism Towards The Asian Community


The Asian community has been getting a lot of backlash since the pandemic has hit. Not everyone talks about it. It’s to the point where it’s almost normalized for anti-Asian stereotypes. It has been growing even more since the past year, especially with President Trump calling Covid-19 the “China Virus” and “Kung Flu.” 

Here are some stories of the Asian community and them facing racism.

Here’s my story to start with.  As I was walking to the front door of school, I had passed these two 7th graders. As I was passing I heard hard coughing from the both of them. They only started coughing when I was walking past them. To me, that was racist because it was like those 7th graders were claiming I had Coronavirus because I’m Asian. 

I interviewed a 16 year old Karen girl from Lincoln High. I had asked her a few questions,

# 1 question  What I asked was while the pandemic is going on and people are calling it the “Chinese virus” how do you feel?

Her: “If I was Chinese I would feel offended . It’s racist. When they look at [me] they think I’m Chinese and I’m not ”

Me: I agree because they assume every Asian is Chinese but we are not and most of the time they don’t even bother trying to learn our real race.

# 2 question was what her thoughts on the backlash against the Asian community were? 

Her: “It’s stupid. Why is their violence and no peace. Its straight up rude. It shows people’s true nature. The virus came from China. They think all Asians are responsible or have it.”

Me: I agree when someone says they are not racist but then blames a certain group of people when they have not done anything but be their race. 

# 3 question I asked was how she felt when someone makes a racist Asian joke or stereotype?

Her: “There are points that get on my nerve but not all because I am calm person and when they make a joke it just gets old but when they go to far thats not ok. When they assume that all Asian eat dog and cat that crosses the line for me. We should respect it because it is the culture they grew up in and sometimes it involves religion. It’s not good but I won’t disrespect it because it is our culture. People think that we eat pet dogs but our culture but its wild dog”

Me: What she said is true, it’s not right even if it’s wild dogs but I won’t disrespect them. I won’t because then it would be disrespecting the culture. That’s how they were raised and it may have been their religion like she said. I asked her the last question.

 #4 question I asked was if she had ever personally experienced racism against her or her community. 

Her: “Yes I have, I was sitting behind a guy I couldn’t see so I asked him to move. I told him I couldn’t see well then he gestured to his eyes. As if I couldn’t see because I have small eyes. I was pretty young and did not understand what they were talking about. A group of boys were making fun of my brother’s name because it was an American name. I’m a really quiet person, I was asking for help and was wearing a mask and so was the other person I went up to her but she said to stay back where I was.”

Me: I agree with everything she said during the interview. I myself have encountered something similar. I never make fun of someone because I wouldn’t want to be treated that way.