Will You Be Celebrating Halloween? (Survey Results)


FILE: Cielo de la Paz / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

With the rise of Coronavirus cases around the U.S., many families are contemplating whether or not their child should go out door to door to door and trick-or-treat this year.

I put out a Halloween survey last week asking if you feel comfortable with going door to door and trick-or-treating.

Here are the results to that survey.


82% of students who took the survey were 6th graders, 5% were 7th graders, and 12% were 8th graders.
If it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic, 92% of students would be trick-or-treating door to door, 8% would not.
23% of students are still planning on attending their normal Halloween activities, despite the pandemic. 10% are not, and 67% are not sure yet.
67% of students say they feel safe trick-or-treating door to door this year, 33% do not feel safe.
70% of students think many households will not be handing out candy this year, 30% disagree.