6th Graders Take on Irving


It’s a new school year, so that means that there are new 6th graders that are here. All 6th graders seem to be nervous in the first few weeks of school, and I spoke to a few of them to see what they like and disliked about Irving.

The first student was Alexis W. She said her, “time at Irving had been good because of the nice teachers and classes.” She said, “the thing that the entirety of Irving was a lot different from her elementary school.” Alexis said that she wasn’t excited to continue the school year though. I asked her to elaborate and she said “you have to start all over.” I can honestly agree with her that certain friends go to different schools, you have to make new friends, and there’s just way more people and harder things to do.

The next two people, Simon and Penelope, had liked the school year so far. “It’s fun meeting new friends and people, also new classrooms” said Simon. “There’s a lot more responsibility,” Penelope said when I asked what had changed from their elementary schools. They both liked how much freedom they have when it comes to their favorite part of the school. When it comes to the scariest part of Irving, Simon said that he didn’t like the massive crowds of people, and Penelope was scared of getting lost. They both still wanted to continue the school year though.

Middle school is a lot different than elementary school, whether it’s because of the larger crowds of people, more freedom and responsibility, or even the different classes. Some people are scared of these differences and some are excited about these differences, but nonetheless you’ll have to go through them to come out on top.