Deep Thoughts on 8th Grade!

Pxfuel CCL

Pxfuel CCL

I scheduled an interview with two 13 years olds in 8th grade. I asked them questions and they gave me answers that I’m going to share with you. My questions were mostly based on their thoughts so far and their concerns 8th grade. I got their responses and I’m going to share them with you.

What are some things that have changed from 6th to 8th grade?

First boy: “ I met new people, my friends have changed, and I have different friends.” 

Second boy: “I was really nervous, I didn’t have many friends, language arts is only an hour now, and lunch is at a different time.” 

What are some things that you glad are still the same?

First boy: “ I am glad I still have the same friends.” 

Second boy: “I’m glad I’m still at Irving and that I have the same friends.” 

 What are some things that you are excited or concerned about this year?

Second boy: “I am concerned about going full time zoom.” 

First boy: “ Meeting new people and the work might be hard.”

 How are relationships?

 First boy: “ Not very strong, probably going to lose them in high school. My friendship with people is very basic.” 

Second boy: “ I have a strong relationships with all my friends. All of them are mostly from elementary school.

What are your thoughts or concerns about going into high school? 

First boy: “ Being too short, getting bullied, and not finding classes.” 

Second boy: “Not being able to find classes, and most of my friends are going to another high school.” 

  So that’s my story! How do you feel 8th grade is going? Comment down below.