Covey’s Watercolors


All teachers have a talent or hobby that us students did not know about, but this talent is so astronomical that everyone wants one. I am talking about Mrs. Covey’s Watercolor Houses. I have interviewed Mrs. Covey to find out the mystery to her watercolors.

I first asked Mrs. Covey what made or inspired her to start doing her watercolor houses. She then responded with her grandfather had to move out of his house around the summer of 2018 to a nursing home because he had dementia and started to forget things of his daily life. She said that his nursing room was a bland and no art or big splashes of color. She had an idea to let him remember the past and make his room complete. She started to make this nice watercolor painting of his older house to hang on the wall. She said it as a little easier for him to remember his older house and see it again.

After that, she posted it to Instagram to show what she did. Many people have been asking and requesting to make these for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, people who have moved, houses that weren’t there anymore, etc. Then she started to take requests: they would give her the photo, she would make it, she delivers them, and then she gets paid.

This teacher’s talent is so extraordinary, that everyone loves it. She wants to make everyone feel happy with her watercolor’s. This is what I believe a real teacher is.






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