Pink Triangle

Reclaiming The Pink Triangle
 Flickr : CCL

Reclaiming The Pink Triangle Flickr : CCL

The pink triangle was originated from World War II. Nazis were a group that would enforce Hitler’s visions.  They would also serve Hitler’s new ideology, they were almost like his own private army. During this wretched time, Nazis would take Jews into camps, to know they were Jewish they would make them wear the star of David, which would serve as a label to tell everyone around the person wearing it, that they were Jewish.

Star Of David
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Jews weren’t the only ones being forced into camps, lots of LGBTQIA+ community members were taken there as well.  To recognize they were part of the LGBTQIA+ community, they would make them wear a pink triangle. Pink triangles were a sign of shame and were meant to cause embarrassment. Nowadays the Pink Triangle has been reclaimed as a positive symbol upon the LGBTQIA+ community.