Covid Colors Dial Unmasked



Lincoln Public Schools has given colors based on the level of Covid. I’m going to explain it to you. You should receive the color in an email. Or you could go online and find out what the color is. The color currently is in the orange zone.

If you receive a green color that means normal and there is a minimal spread. There are people that tested positive for Covid but it’s not a large amount. Most people from Zoom might even come back. You can come to school and it’s all safe.

If you are in the yellow zone it means minimal to moderate. That means the cases went up a little but not too high. Students can still attend school. The school will be trying everything possible to lower the chance of staff and students of getting Covid. 

If you see that you are in the orange zone it will most likely mean moderate. That means the Covid cases have gone up. You may see that in the orange zone there could be way more remote learners. Keep in mind that the school is trying everything to keep you and others safe!

If you find yourself in the red zone it’s bad! There had been a significant amount of Covid cases. If we will be in the red zone we will all have to go remote learning. We don’t want that to happen. So wear your mask at all times! Sanitize and wash your hands! Social distance!