How Americans React to Joe Biden Winning The 2020 Election


Ted Eytan

Photo via Gold Central Victoria under Creative Commons License

There has been a diverse amount of disappointment and joy ever since Joe Biden won the election on Saturday November 7th. The final score of right now is 290 to 214. One of them needed 270 electoral votes to win. Ever since then Americans have flooded the streets in either celebration or protest. Places like Times Square, Philadelphia, Washington, Los Angeles, and many more are at an outburst of celebration. Some signs that were seen include, “You’re Fired Trump”, “We dumped Trump”, “All votes matter’, ect. Despite the uproar of celebration trump supporters are still standing with him. Holding up signs in protest that say “Stop the Steal”, “Cancel The Media”, Voter Fraud is Real”,  “Make America Great Again”, ect.  Although Biden won there is still an ongoing argument on whether there was voter fraud.