LPS Isn’t Automatically Sending Kids to Zoom if the Dial is in Red


Picture via Wikimedia under Creative Commons

The plan that was set in place was all students going to school would automatically go to zoom if the dial is in red. This is obviously to help stop the spread of cases.”Superintendent Steve Joel said the change, made Tuesday, updates the written protocols to match what he’s said publicly on several occasions and is more aligned with what district and health officials now know about the virus.“I’ve said on a number of different occasions publicly that what we know now is way different than what we knew in April when we made the plan,” he said.”

“For instance,” he said, “they now know more about the effectiveness of masks and other protocols that help keep schools safe.But to say it’s automatic doesn’t make sense today when less than .06% (of students and staff) have acquired the virus,” and there is no evidence of school spread, he said. The risk dial, he said, “informs our decisions; it doesn’t make them.”