The Impact of Cancer on Our Staff: Part 2


Verywell Health Creative Commons Lisence

Cancer. It can come in so many different forms, cause so many different things. People just want to hear about hope, courage and positivity, not about how someones unlikely to survive or about how it’s getting worse. I mean, I wouldn’t blame them. Before I had the experience, I would’ve wanted to hear the same. People suffer from cancer unknowingly; there are many at Irving Middle School.

A teacher here at school who wishes to remain anonymous, has experienced cancer in their life. Their uncle from their step dad’s side was 39 when he was diagnosed with Bone Marrow Cancer and had this for 4 years. This person wasn’t really as close to them as others in their family, so it didn’t impact him as much as it did to the rest of the family. Sadly at 65 years old their uncle passed away. This caused the family to distance and really wouldn’t reunite or gather anymore. They had all lost communication with each other. Something that this anonymous teacher thought was the hardest is having to deal with money issues and property problems when their uncle passed away, it was really hard to have this rift in the family, but something that this teacher would say to someone with cancer or has a family member with cancer, they would say to honor that persons life and prepare yourself for the chance of that person passing away.

Mr Fielder, 6th, 7th and 8th grade computer teacher, is someone who has experienced cancer in his life in different ways. Mr. Fielder was diagnosed with Melanoma which is a skin cancer at the age of 43 and his mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer three times at the ages of 38, 46 and 78. Mr. Fielders cousin passed away when she was 12 years old. This impacted him and and his family greatly, especially his cousins family.  But even though this knocked them off their feet, they all got up again and were ready to keep fighting and were stronger than ever. Something that Mr. Fielder said he would say to someone with cancer or has a family member with cancer is, “Listen and get opinions from many doctors, act fast on it, and NEVER LOSE HOPE”

Mrs White, a sixth grade counselor was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was diagnosed at the age of 29. When she was diagnosed, it was painful and hard to think about, but Mrs White has always said that there’s always gonna be a positive side to everything. This meant something to her because yea cancer sucked but it made her relationships with her family deeper.  It made her a better mom, and it changed her for the better. She made sure to pray and stay positive, and it put a spotlight on everything she has in life. She said that she took life for granted before, but now, she loves everything she has in life and felt very blessed to have the people she has in her life. “Always surround yourself with people who help you stay positive.  Those are the people you can have a pity party with every once in a while,” Mrs White said.

Cancer might have started the fight, but you’ll finish it.