Prisoners Raise 30,000 dollars to Create a Scholarship for High School Student


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Prision Cells at Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise, Idaho

At Palma prep school for boys in Salinas, California English and Theology teacher Jim Michelleti started a book group with his students and some of the Soledad State Prison inmates. When high schooler Sy Green, one of the members of the group struggled to pay the monthly tuition of 1,200 due to his parents’ devastating medical emergencies, the inmates came to help.

At the prison, the inmates gathered money to help Green by saving what they earn from 8 cents an hour chores and by selling food or items of their own. Inmate Reggie, generously donated his whole 100 dollar paycheck to help and said “I get paid to do what I do, so, why not pay it forward and give it to someone else for a change?” In the end, the inmates ended up raising 30,000 dollars for Green earning him his scholarship.