Getting to Know Ms. Hoffmann

Getting to Know Ms. Hoffmann

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Ms. Hoffmann’s is one of Irving’s great science teachers. She has been a science teacher at Irving for 10 years but has been in this line of work for 27 years. Ms. Hoffmann has worked at eight different schools before she came to Irving. What she likes most about this job is how much she learns about science and people. Her favorite branch of science would be Environmental Science, and her favorite science lab is the ‘Owl Pellet Lab’. She has worked for the Nebraska Humane Society, which is her favorite job.

Molly also has a motto for work. It is, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.” She believes that if she is going to do something whether at Irving, her home, a work-out, or volunteering, and if she gives her time, she is going to do it 110%. Life goes by fast and she doesn’t want to do something halfway.

Ms. Molly Hoffmann has considered her biggest accomplishment to be saving the lives of animals. Specifically dogs and cats. She has three dogs and three cats. All of her animals are either rescued or adopted from the Humane Society. She doesn’t have a favorite animal. Molly Hoffmann prefers to appreciate each species of animal for what it is and what it brings to this world. Also, Ms. Hoffmann did go to Alaska and study Grizzly bears.

Her family is pretty much non-existent except for her mom. When asked what she likes most about her mom she replied, “My mom has a great sense of humor, but mostly she is a very strong woman physically, mentally, emotionally, and she continues to reinvent herself.”

Hoffmann’s middle school years were unstable and so that made her pretty tough and a leader in high school. “I’ve always had this attitude that I didn’t care what others thought. I wanted to do the right thing. Other students respected that and followed along.”

Ms. Hoffmann is also a very independent and a free spirit. Her dream job as a younger person was to be an olympic athlete with endorsements. The olympic sport Molly wanted to do when she was younger was to do track and field.

Her hobbies and interests that she has outside of school are animal rescue and advocacy, camping, and domestic and international travel.

What made her care about our environment so deeply is that she loves the outdoors. Molly tries to be outside as much as possible. That is her source of her enjoyment. She also stated, “I’ve traveled all over the United States, Europe, South America, and New Zealand. New Zealand is by far my most favorite place on Earth.” She has met a friend she knows in Spain while she was there in 2013. They still stay in touch and Molly is hoping to take her friend to the Grand Canyon when she comes to the U.S..

Ms. Hoffmann has many great travel stories. She says that walking 570 miles across Spain in a pair of running shoes is a great travel story.

Molly’s greatest inspiration is a person named Marie Voorhies; a family friend who taught her that kindness is most important.

Finally, she has only failed at most domestic skills. If she could, she would like to learn how to cook tastier and healthier vegetarian meals. Ms. Hoffmann is vegetarian herself and has been for a long time.

All in all, Ms. Hoffmann is a die-hard animal lover, and loves learning and teaching science. She is a great teacher here at Irving, and we are lucky to have her here.