Get to Know: Ms. Macek

Get to Know: Ms. Macek

Mrs. Macek is Irving’s School Coordinator. She started teaching because she loves to work with kids every day. Everyday has a different experience. Us students surprise her, challenge her, and make her laugh. Mrs. Macek has been working in LPS for nine years! At first, she questioned whether or not this was the right job for her, and it really isn’t easy. But soon, she grew to love it.


A Look Into Her Family Life


Mrs. Macek’s son, Aaron, will be three years old on October 12th, 2018. He is talkative, a spitfire, and very funny. He enjoys sports and trucks. She also says that he is very smart.

Believe it or not, Mrs. Macek has a sister. She did not always get along with her sister. They have had some challenges and are two very different people. Now they get along a lot better and focus on the good times. Her sister is older than her by about three and a half years.

She says, “When I was three, I wasn’t breathing very well and my parents took me to the hospital. When we got there, the doctors were all on break, so I got to do a flight for life.” But no worries, it wasn’t that serious.

She loves to go outside for walks with her family, play in the backyard, or just be around them in general.

Her husband is also a part of the LPS administration but not at Irving. She says that it can be good and bad. He understands the day-to-day stress, and is empathetic towards her when she works really hard. They both find that it is really hard for them to put work down at home.



She had some academic trouble in high school geometry, and her teacher tutored her. She is from Englewood, Colorado, and went to school there. She went to Campus Middle School, and Cherry Creek High School.



Mrs. Macek likes to watch and play basketball and works out at Good Life Fitness.  Her favorite things about her family are that they love and understand her. She knows that they will always be there for her, and they have lots of fun together.

On her honeymoon, she went to St. Lucia. She has also been to Honduras, South Korea, Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, and all over the Caribbean. She would also love to travel to Europe.

Mrs. Macek is a really great teacher and an all-around amazing person. We are very lucky to have her as a part of the Irving community.