How Will The COVID-19 Vaccine Be Distributed?

Picture Via Wikimedia under Creative Commons License

Picture Via Wikimedia under Creative Commons License

“CDC is making vaccination recommendations for the United States based on input from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Due to initial limited supplies, a phased vaccine distribution approach is being advised. State and local governments will develop individualized plans and may differ from the phases shown here.”

So when the vaccine is ready it is said to be distributed in 5 phases. This is to ensure that the people most at risk to the virus have access to it in an orderly fashion.

Phase 1A- This first phase makes up about 5% of the U.S population. “Includes high-risk health workers who are involved in direct patient care, including those providing care in nursing homes and through home health care, as well as those in health care facility services, including transportation and environmental services. First responders are also included.” So this basically included all doctors, nurses, and first responders who are most at risk.

Phase 1B- This makes up 10% of the U.S population. “Includes people of all ages with two or more underlying health conditions that put them at significant risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19. All older adults living in congregate settings, including nursing homes, long-term care facilities, prisons and group homes, and multi-generational households.”

Phase 2- This makes up 30-35% of the U.S population. “Includes child-support workers, such as K–12 teachers, child care workers, maintenance workers, and bus drivers. Critical workers in high-risk settings who cannot avoid a high risk of exposure, such as workers in the food supply system and public transit. People of all ages with underlying conditions that put them at moderately higher risk of severe COVID-19. People in homeless shelters or group homes for individuals with physical or mental disabilities and all other individuals and staff in prisons, jails, detention centers, and similar facilities. All older adults not included in Phase 1 are included in this phase.”

Phase 3- This makes up 40-45% of the U.S population. “Includes all children and young adults in the United States 30 years of age or younger. However, children would need to be included in major vaccine trials before mass vaccination of children could take place. Workers in industries and occupations important to the function of society and at increased risk of exposure who are not covered in Phases 1 and 2.” This phase covers kids our age and young adults like it said 30 years or younger.

Phase 4- This makes up 10% of the population. “Includes all other people living in the United States. The United States should ensure that all U.S.-based individuals who did not have access to the vaccine in previous phases have access to the vaccine.”