Getting to Know Ms. Marvin


            Work hard, play hard is a motto that Ellie Marvin goes by. She is the seventh grade counselor for Irving Middle School. She was born in Colorado and lived there until she was nine. Her parents are originally from Nebraska, so they returned here with her to start a new life together. Ms. Marvin is a very adventurous person and loves to do daring fun things. Examples of some daring things that she wants to achieve are on her bucket list. Some of those things are: Go to the Olympics, hug a tiger, become President of the United States, adopt a child, and impact the world in a positive way.

           We asked her if there was one thing that she could tell the entire school, what would it be? She answered by saying, “It’s cool to see the outcome when you give your all on something.” Ms. Marvin got to see the outcome when she ran a marathon, which she explained to us that she wouldn’t do normally. The story is that she and her mom both chose something for them to do together. Ms. Marvin decided that they would go bungee jumping together (which she says that she totally do again), and her mom chose to run a marathon. Running a marathon, of course, requires months of training ahead of time and lots of time management skills. 

           Ms. Marvin loves her job, but her favorite part of it (though it’s hard to chose) is being creative and having the privilege to help students. The hardest part of her job is helping students on their journey but not being able to see the impact for awhile. Ms. Marvin has plenty of middle school experience. Some is a lot different from what we are experiencing right now. Ms. Marvin was homeschooled for awhile, which she enjoyed.  But like most things, there were definitely pros and cons. The pros of being homeschooled are being able to go at your own pace and being able to learn in the comfort of your own home. The downside of being homeschooled is not having as many friends, where as if you go to a public school, you get to interact with many people and make a lot more friends. 

          All in all, Ellie Marvin is a very interesting person. There is probably a lot more to learn about her, and she probably has a lot more to do in her lifetime. But one thing is for sure, she has definitely impacted Irving in a positive way.