TV Survey: Results

Image via PixaHive under Creative Commons Licenses.

Image via PixaHive under Creative Commons Licenses.

I posted a Survey about Tv shows and movies a couple weeks ago to see what kids our age our watching. Here’s the results.

57.1% of people that took this quiz were 6th graders. 28.6% were 7th graders, and 14.3% were 8th graders.

64.3% of people have cable and 35.7% of people don’t.

50% of kids watch Netflix the most. 17.9% watch Youtube. 17.9% watch Hulu 7.1% watch Disney+ and 3.6% watch Crunchyroll.

The average amount of time people are age spend watching Tv a day is 2-4 hours.

The Tv shows people our age our watching the most are Stranger things, The Office, My hero Academia, and Glee.

The most popular movie kids our age our watching are Harry Potter, Spiderman:Homecoming, Jumanji, and The Hate You Give.