Put Phones Away??

By Roberto Torres and Joab Jimenez-Loving

We should not be able to put our phones away because having our phones on us is essential for our safety. Let’s say, for example, there is someone in the school campus and the power is out. How can the teachers communicate with each other? How can we know if it is safe to go out? That is why we need our phones. On the website “Online Learning Consortium,” author James May has stated ,“Each day I try to work on problems to solve or I share apps or learning tricks utilizing various technologies. Anecdotally, I have found that by teaching and learning through these devices students have become more engaged in my classes.” This teacher lets his students put their phones on the desk so they can engage more. There are going to be people who are distracted by the phone, but that is ok. The teacher can do something about this and they can have a plan with the student. By this evidence, we should be able to have phones on us and not put them away.