Getting to Know: Mrs. Kroenke


This is a caption.

Do you want more parties in america? If you don’t know what’s wrong with you. Ms. Kroenke definitely does. She is a great teacher with a huge family of 7 brothers and sisters. They all have children and  grandchildren, so she has many People in her family. She has a lot of experience with children which makes her a great teacher. 

loved teaching and that it is a good thing to be like here mom a teacher.

She also has many hobbies which include running and doing things with water like kayaking, swimming, canoeing, tubing, going on water slides, and stand up waterboarding. She also reads, writes, makes “stuff”, cooks and bakes. In all, she is a great teacher but still has her hobbies outside of school. 

Mrs. Kroenke answered some questions about life here and here are the answers. She has no pets, but she would have a golden labrador. Her favorite food is Ice Cream it has always been and honestly who doesn’t love Ice Cream, your crazy if you don’t love it. In her free time she loves doing water activities and baking and cooking.   

She lived in Mexico for 6 weeks during college. she also noticed the people she met there had a lot of family ,and neighborhood celebrations with dinner, dancing and children playing while older people talked. This helped me develop the first of my mottos which is ̈america needs more parties ̈ so she loves to host lots of gatherings and get-togethers. 

  Her biggest accomplishment is when she did a  triathlon that consisted of swimming 1mile,riding a bike 25 miles and then running 6 miles she never thought that she could do that she would like to do that again sometime soon.

She is a big travel fan and traveling is actually her biggest inspiration. She loves to meet new people and see all the different ways people live. Seeing the countryside and all beauty makes her happy.

The way that she became a teacher is a loooong story. She didn’t start out wanting to be a teacher in fact she didn’t want to be like her mom (she was a teacher) even though everyone said that she was a good teacher and she should be one. Later on she stopped being unintelligent realised that she actually wanted to be a teacher.  One of Mrs Kroneke’s greatest inspirations is her former mentor Gary Osborn. Gary was one of Mrs Kroenke’s biggest inspirations because he always pushed Mrs Kroenke to be a good team leader and also dream big. Mrs Kronke also said that Gary believed in here to do very good things. Mrs Kronke originally went to school to become an FCS teacher but she said she did not have the greatest student teacher time and decided she would try working at a church for awhile.  She said that the work at the church was fun but she was missing the leadership from teaching. She then went back to college and decided to become a counselor.