Should Hoodies Be Worn At School?

! Hoodie Rules !

Hoodies shouldn’t be worn at school. They can hide students’ faces or their personal identities. Wearing hoodies can cause attendance problems, but that’s not all the reasons why hoodies shouldn’t be worn to school. Hoodies are also good hiding spots for things such as guns. knives, drugs, and so much more. Hoodies can even hide headphones  causing students to stop paying attention. This also affects teachers as well,  According to teachers, this makes it harder to make eye contact with a student, therefore making it harder to monitor on-task behavior. Students should not be allowed to wear hoods because school should represent the workplace. Even employees should not be allowed to wear a hoodie during work because it would be unprofessional. To learn more about why they are a distraction to teachers, go to the following link: The truth about wearing hoods at school