The Past Two Years Will Scar Kids For A Very Long Time

     After COVID-19, children all over the world will never be the same. In May of 2021, children’s advocates of the United Nations blasted the governments around the globe for, instead of using lessening strategies against the virus, shutting down school. Stanford professor Thomas S. Dee and his colleagues found that schools that were only remote had a 42 percent increase in disenrollment rates. Also, over 340,000 students who were enrolled for Kindergarten for the 2021 school year, didn’t show up. 

These effects on kids’ learning may be irreversible. Bad leadership is clear, as we enter another year of pandemic style schooling. A huge amount of children will now enter first grade without an important year of Kindergarten. Also, if fifth and sixth graders were to try and catch up, it would take them 12 weeks, on average.

In conclusion, after these past 2 years, it’s going to be REALLY hard to try and get the kids’ lives back on track.