Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate

On Thursday, September 9th President Biden ordered vaccine mandates for over 100 million people. The new requirements would make it so that employers with more than 100 workers would have to be vaccinated, or test weekly for the virus. He is also requiring the millions of workers at health facilities to be fully vaccinated,  and members of the executive branch of the federal government.


However, some people have concerns about the new mandate. Many employers worry that their vaccine-hesitant workers will quit or new people will not apply for these openings. Consequently, no mandates for businesses could cause production to shut down when there is an outbreak.



Then, there are many republicans and conservatives with other concerns; also known as vaccine misinformation. South Carolina governor accused Biden of taking America’s freedoms away and that he and other liberals have, “thumbed their noses at the Constitution.” Texas senator Ted Cruz said in a tweet, “Joe Biden’s COVID mandate completely ignores the science and is an attack on Americans’ privacy.” He goes on to mention that the “feds have NO AUTHORITY to force employers make their employees vaccinated.” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy received backlash for his tweet of three words, “NO VACCINE MANDATES.” More recently, Governor Ricketts tweeted that the mandate was an “abuse of the federal government’s power.” Many politicians have threatened to challenge Biden in court. When a reporter asked Biden what he thought, he quipped, “Have at it.”