9/11 – What Does it Mean to Us? (Part 1)

Part I – What True Character Means


Source:Wikimedia Commons

Most of my peers and I were born in 2006-2008, five to seven years after the tragedy that we call 9/11 occurred. According to many parents, teachers, and many other adults I’ve talked to, 9/11 was a day that they will remember forever, as it changed the world and everyone’s lives forever.

This month in September, I will be posting a few articles about 9/11 and the impact it has on our generation.

The first time I was ever taught about 9/11 was on September 11th, 2013, in kindergarten. At the time, six year old me didn’t really understand the concept much, or the significance it had. As I grew older and older, and the stories kept getting incorporated into my head, I started to understand how important it was to learn about this. My parents also started realizing how important this was when my sister, followed by me, followed by my little sister would come home at night and ask more about 9/11. My dad said that after the first tower got hit, he turned on the news, and live, he watched the second tower get hit. He said it was quite an unreal experience to watch something that would change the world that quickly.That was a feeling he would never feel again.

Now that was an effect it had on someone who watched it live, but the main thing I wanted to address in this article is what I, someone who hadn’t been born at the time, can learn from 9/11. I think one of the most important things I can learn is what true character means. Everyone is inspired by the first responders who gave up their lives in order to save others. Now, people in my generation are performing some exercises to commemorate the 110 flights of stairs that the firefighters climbed up in full gear in an attempt to save as many lives as possible. People are going to stair stepping machines or even just climbing flights of stairs with weights in sign of respect for the firefighters. These actions are truly inspirational, and it just shows that an event that happened 20 years ago can have impacts on people who weren’t even born at the time.

That’s the first major lesson that this teaches us, but for the next few weeks I will be posting more about all these lessons.