Headphones Are Like A Portal To A New World


RHS Today

People use headphones to listen to music when they are mad, sad, happy, and etc. We can put them on and enter a new world. We can sing with the music, dance with the music, and vibe with others while listening. But to others like teachers, they think it is a distraction. They think we are not doing the assignment and just listening, but that’s not true.

Students at school should be able to have headphones and listen to their own music when they are doing assignments. On  ForTheSound.com, it states, “Music helps the mind focus and some students say that when they think of a certain song they heard whilst studying, they are able to remember the answer a lot quicker.” Also when students can listen to music when they are feeling stressed or down. There will be times where something bad has happened to the student and they just want to escape. But by listening, they can focus on the song and feel much better. And the teacher can see this and help the kid.

By reading this, I hope you can understand why having headphones in class can help students and it should be allowed.