How The iPhone Improved

Iphones have improved since the iPhone 1 because on the IPhone 1 you had no social media, no snap chat or Instagram. On the first iPhone you could only do text and call but on the iPhone 3G release July 11 2008, you could do many more things like download many games and edit your settings to make the phone comfortable for you. The iPhone 4 was made on June 24 2010, on the iPhone 4 you could face time your friends and call an emergency number by dialing 911. Skipping to present day with the iPhone 12 release 0ctober 23 2020, on the 12 there is a better camera and there are better quality on the phone you can also text many friends at the same time by having them in a group chat or having a face time with your friend group.

File:IPhone size comparison.svg - Wikimedia Commons